We promote professionalism, diversity and regulatory compliance in the cannabis industry by providing high-quality, affordable, customized consulting services.

What makes 3 Little Birds different than every other cannabis compliance and consulting company? 

Other companies force your business model to fit into their template… we create customized services that fit your business.  You will never have to pay for a “package” or purchase services you don’t want or need.  We charge an affordable hourly rate with low or no upfront charges.  We work with you to determine what you need, a timeline for implementation and create a project plan based on your budget. No job is too big or small.  We recognize your time is valuable and want to help you create a culture of compliance with a simple and straight-forward plan. Ultimately, our goal is to create a functioning compliance team and network with in your business, to help you achieve your goals and maintain your business license. 

Packing and Labeling

3 Little Birds will assemble  a packaging and labeling compliance booklet for your facility, specific to your state’s regulations. We also perform audits to your packing and labeling to ensure compliance.

Change Management/Project Management:

Want to make changes in your business? 3 Little Birds will discuss any project or changes that your company would like to initiate to meet business goals.  We can provide a project plan and timeline for those changes, and help you work through the best ways to get buy-in from the staff to implement changes.

Record keeping and file management

Feeling overwhelmed by paperwork? To ensure compliance with state record keeping regulations, 3 Little Birds will review files to ensure that an appropriate document management system is in place. We will work with the business to ensure the most efficient and accurate record keeping standards are in place.

Application Content Review

Applying for a new cannabis business license?  3 Little Birds has been involved in applying for cannabis business licenses in 8 states, contributed to numerous business plans, and other application related documents.  Let us review your application content to ensure that you have the best approach for the location and market.  We will review the application content, and provide feedback.

Application and Licensing

3 Little Birds will create and help manage the cannabis licensing process.  We provide this service nationwide, so no matter if you are in Alaska or Utah, we can help you.

Business Plans

We help you customize and create a business plan to present to regulators or investors. We provide the content, the client provides the numbers.

Compliance Audits

Are you ready for your next inspection? 3 Little Birds will inspect your facility to ensure that your business is compliant with the most recent and current state regulatory standards.  We will provide a report including anything we found that could be considered a violation, and a suggestion on how to correct the problem.  Additionally, we will provide Best Management Practices suggestions for those items that fall into “gray” areas.  We will work with your management staff to assist in implementing any necessary changes.

Standard Operating Procedures

Want to create order from chaos? 3 Little Birds provides paper and electronic Standard Operating Procedures customized to your facility. Procedures will be based on most current state regulatory updates. Employee training on how to use SOPs will also be provided.

Training and Education

Want to increase employee retention and ensure employees have appropriate compliance training? 3 Little Birds can provide customized training plans and content that owners can distribute to their employees. We also provide industry experts to train your employees at your facility, and providing the training your employees need to ensure facility regulatory compliance.


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